Bipasha Basu, Riteish Deshmukh

Bipasha Basu, Riteish Deshmukh and other notable celebs slammed the 11 COVID-19 patients who fled from the hospital during this troubled time

Declaring nationwide quarantine emergency is going to be the way forward if the situation demands it. The deadly Coronavirus is spreading fast and claiming precious lives of people already. Bipasha Basu and Riteish Deshmukh aired their opinions on the unfortunate incident of infected patients running away from the hospital

Quarantine has become the need of the hour in these difficult times of desperation. The deadly Coronavirus is spreading fast and claiming the lives of people at a rapid pace. But even during such worried times wherein people need to be careful than ever before, many Indians seems to be not taking the probable dangerous impact of the virus. Recently a report was published that eleven people who were infected with COVID – 19, ran away from the isolation ward in a hospital in Mumbai. Panic in the faces among people can be seen everywhere but any amount of carelessness can be proved to fatal during such difficult times. Bipasha Basu, Riteish Deshmukh, and many other notable celebrities have urged the public to have faith in the Government and follow the guidelines offered by the Government during such hard and difficult times.

When Bipasha got to know about the 11 infected patients escaping from the hospital, she was shocked and said, “How can people be so ignorant and irresponsible… we as citizens need to be aware and do everything possible for our govt to help us in this situation … not add to it by being so frustratingly irresponsible. Shocked!!!!”

In a tweet, Riteish Deshmukh expressed his frustration saying, “This is so so irresponsible. Let the Government/ Medical Authorities help you. By isolating yourself you can de-risk strangers, your friends, your loved ones & get the right treatment. We all are soldiers, we all have to and we will fight this together. #IndiaUnited #coronavirus.”

Renowned filmmaker Hanslal Mehta also tweeted expressing his frustration at the careless attitude of people during such a difficult time. His tweet read, “Disgusting lack of civic sense. Should their identities be made public so that they are sent into isolation immediately and people, in general, are alert? I’m a bit conflicted on this,”

Before this incident occurred, there were four people who had also escaped from a quarantine facility in Nashik. But fortunately, they were later caught by the Maharashtra police. One of the patient among the four who had fled the facility said, “We were using the same washroom and the same ward that was being used by the positive patient. When our request to shift all the suspect patients to another isolation ward for observation went unheeded, we decided to leave the place at night. We all came to the hospital at the same time and underwent tests. However, reports of two of us reporting negative at night only. We repeatedly told the hospital staff about the reports of other suspects but didn’t get any response that made us leave the place at night,”

Speaking about the deadly impact of the Coronavirus, Bollywood beauty Jacqueline Fernandez said, “I do (have a message for my fans out there). For me, it’s just important to…whoever is hearing this and listening…that it’s been declared a pandemic and it’s better that everyone stays safe, just for the betterment of so many people who can be at stake and for yourselves as well. Stay safe, listen to whatever comes out…whatever is the government’s advice that comes out. As for me, I’m actually not leaving my house right now. The gyms have also been shut, so everything is kind about working from home, and it’s just for the betterment of everyone till things settle down and things have come under control. So, try to adhere to all the advice that’s been given out right now.”

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