Salman Khan on why Dabaang is a successful franchise: “If you have heroism in a film, it works”

Salman Khan is soon going to be seen in his quirky cop avatar Chulbul Pandey in his upcoming film, Dabaang 3. The film has been directed by Prabhu Deva. Salman also recently admitted that the script of Dabaang 4 is ready and he is super excited to work on it too.

This is what Salman Khan said recently, “It is very difficult (to take a franchise forward). But this one has fallen in place. Even the fourth one has fallen in place. It happens sometimes, like Rocky or Rambo series, which falls in place. So this one has too.”

The audience will get to see a young Chulbul Pandey and will get to see flashback scenes as well and as per Salman Khan, Dabaang 3 is a semi-prequel. Salman further said, “I came up with a thought and Arbaaz and I just kept on improvising, brainstorming. We wanted to start from the present and go in the past to track the journey of Chulbul Pandey and how his past comes in his present. It’s not entirely a prequel. The whole film isn’t set in the past. It’s semi-prequel.”

Salman Khan has cemented his position as one of the most successful action stars in the industry in a career spanning over 3 decades. He said, “I don’t think anything works better than heroism. If you have heroism in a film, it works. Heroism doesn’t mean you’re romancing a girl or… It means doing something for someone against all odds and you make that happen. The action doesn’t make sense till the time you don’t have emotions backing it. It doesn’t matter you jump, punch, kick or the numbers of fighters you fight if its emotions aren’t set in the right place. The action is meaningless,”

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