7 Awesome Hollywood Movies You Should Watch Before You Die

7 Awesome Hollywood Movies You Should Watch Before You Die

There are so many incredible Hollywood movies out there that you just need to keep them on your list of movies you must watch before you die. They are the kind of movies that got stuck with you after you finished watching it. They extracted a kind of emotion in you which you might not have experienced before. They are the kind of movies that you feel like showing to your kids or will show them in the future and you expect them to eventually pass it on to others. Given below is such a list of such amazing movies and the reason why you must keep them on your precious list of movies you should watch before you die.

Star Wars

The first movie on this list is Star Wars and it’s an amazing movie, to say the least. It is one of the first Sc-Fi movies that successfully crossed genres and became popular worldwide. It is one of its rare kinds of movies that had stellar props, costumes, sets, designs, special effects like never seen before, a competent star-cast, and of course it had a compelling story. You should watch this movie right away if you haven’t watched it yet. If you want to finally understand phrases like “Luke, I am your father” or “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”, then you must watch this brilliant movie. 


The second movie on the list is Titanic. To date, Titanic is one of the topmost grossing movies in the U.S. ever. This movie has its moments that can captivate the imagination of the audience. This is a movie that is so endearing yet it’s so tragic! Its plot revolves around Jack, played by the handsome Leonardo DiCaprio and Rose, played by the classy Kate Winslet and their unforgettable love story for ages. And, to add more value to the movie is the ‘My Heart Will Go On” song by Celine Dion. Watch Titanic right away if you haven’t watched it yet by any chance. 

Terminator 2: The Judgment Day

Arnold Schwarzenegger used to a fantastic actor before he took up the responsibilities of being the Governor of California. He has given one of his finest performances in this movie and who can ever forget his iconic dialogues like “I will be back” and “Hasta La Vista Baby”? And, so popular this movie was that people on the entire globe must be knowing these dialogues by now. The action sequences, the chasings, and the apocalyptic aspects mixed with robots are so cool, way ahead of its time. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this classic film for sure. 

Life of Pi

The next movie on the list is Life of Pi and it’s a breathtaking movie, to say the least. Life of Pi was a movie that was based on the novel written by Yann Martel. The plot of the film revolves around the story of Pi, a young man who was keen on the reasoning in many different religions, and how he eventually ends up on a boat with a ferocious tiger named Richard Parker. This may not sound a realistic idea when you read it as the plot of the movie but you will be able to connect to it through Pi’s portrayal of a character that is courageous, smart, endearing, and with an instinct to survive in any condition. It’s an amazing movie adapted from an amazing book. You can’t possibly go wrong when you pick Life of Pie as the movie you should watch next.

Lord of the Rings

The next awesome movie on this list is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. You can’t just start watching this series and get on with your life. You just can’t! It is that captivating and it will keep you hooked to the screen, anticipating what’s going to be the next move in the movie. The movie had a strong storyline with an out of the world special effects and a capable star cast that did more than just justifying their characters. It may sound totally unbelievable that it took the franchise owners a total of eight years to make the trilogy. It must have demanded a lot of patience and dedication to complete it. Characters like Frodo, Legolas, Gandalf, Sam, Aragorn, and Gollum will be a part of your life in the time to come once you do away with watching this brilliant series. 

The Matrix

The Matrix was the path-breaking movie that changed the way action movies were made and its huge impact can still be seen in today’s action movies. The special effects used in the movie were never seen before and the real winner was the script of the movie. The characters in the movie Neo, Morpheus are so well-written that they are bound to make an impact on you. This movie will definitely make you wonder what is real and what is unreal and you may end up questioning the existence that you have been considering as real all your life. It’s almost impossible that anybody still wouldn’t have this amazing movie series, but if by any chance it is the case, go right ahead and watch it to have the time of your life.

The Dark Knight

How can any movie list be ever completed without having the Batman series in it? The Dark Knight is one of the best superhero movies to have ever been made. This movie is a class apart from the Batman movies that were made earlier; it was smooth, thought-provoking and simply amazing to say the least. Heath Ledger did a splendid job as the joker in the movie. The joker is a character in the movie that won’t leave you in a hurry after you finish watching the movie. It was a pretty completed to portray and nobody else could have played it any better than it was played by Heath Ledger. Everything about the movie is so grand and so stylishly done. The script, the star cast, the special effects, they were all top-notch. This is exactly what one would expect from a superhero movie which is actually larger than life. Go ahead and watch it to believe it, if you haven’t yet done it. 

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