Funny Stories of Bollywood Stars and their Crazy Fans

In our country wherein we love Bollywood, we all have a favorite Bollywood star whom we follow on every social media platform. We love almost everything about our favorite Bollywood star, be it his/her acting skills, dance moves, fashion sense, or simply the way they appear on the screen. But sometimes some people’s liking for a particular star takes the form of an obsession and the fans end up doing crazy things to be noticed by their favorite stars. From following their styles to dreaming about the moment of meeting them someday in person, the fans sometimes end up crossing all the limits. Many of the Bollywood superstars have encountered such crazy fans who have either troubled them with their persistence efforts or made them emotional with the dedication and love towards their favorite stars. Here in this post, we have compiled a few of such stories of Bollywood superstars with their crazy fans.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is one of the most versatile actors we have in Bollywood and there is no doubt about it. And, it is no surprise that his fans have done crazy things to be noticed by the Khiladi of Bollywood. In one such instance, Akshay Kumar came across a fan who claimed that Akshay is her lost boyfriend. The fan waited patiently outside the gate of the superstar for three days to meet Akshay and he was finally informed about it by his security guards. Akshay finally came out and invited the fan inside her house, assuming her to be just another fan. But he was surprised when the girl hugged him tight after meeting him and broke the news that he is her lost boyfriend. The fan even went on to the extent of threatening Akshay that she would commit suicide if the Bollywood star doesn’t marry her. Akshay tactfully handled the situation and called her parents to take her back. When her parents eventually reached Akshay’s place, he got to know that the girl belongs to an affluent family in Punjab and she had run away from her home to meet her favorite Bollywood superstar.

Deepika Padukone

The entire nation is a fan of the long-legged beauty Deepika Padukone but a fan of the beautiful actress gone on to the craziest level where he spent a whopping 4 lacs to meet Deepika. The fan bought a ticket of Rs 4 lac for a promotional event held for the promotion of one of Deepika’s upcoming movies. Later when the actress was coming out of the hotel, the fan requested a selfie with the actress but was stopped by her security guards. But the fan who had spent Rs 4 lac to get a glimpse of the actress from close quarters, didn’t give up and kept on asking for it repeatedly and Deepika eventually had to oblige to the request. Deepika went on to state that she loves her fans who call her name in their sweet voice.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan who is fondly called Sallu Bhai by his numerous fans was once taken aback by the sheer love and dedication shown by a pair of conjoined sisters. Salman got very sentimental when he got to know that the sisters fasted for him for three continuous days without eating anything when the result of the ‘hit and run’ case was to be declared. When Salman got a clean chit from the court in the case, he invited the sisters to his house and spent an entire day with them.

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitab Bachchan must have encountered many such fan stories during his ongoing Bollywood career, but one such fan owned his heart when the fan walked from Surat till Mumbai on feet to pray for the superstar. When Amitabh was fighting for his life after a serious accident during the shooting of his movie, ‘Coolie’, the fan is question walked from Surat till Mumbai on foot to visit the Siddhivinayak temple and pray for the wellbeing of the superstar. When Bachchan finally recovered, Jaya Bachchan invited the fan over to their house and she now ties Rakhi to him.

Shahrukh Khan

The king Khan of Bollywood has numerous fans that can go on to any extent to meet the superstar. One such fan of the superstar went on to the extent of entering his house and got into his swimming pool. After some time the security guards of the superstar got hold of him and handed him over to the police. When the police were hitting him, the fan said they shouldn’t be beating him as he didn’t steal anything but only bathed in the superstar’s swimming pool.

Shahrukh Khan narrated another such fan story where he met a physically-challenged fan in Germany. The fan had a wish to meet the superstar in person and believed that she will be able to walk after meeting King Khan. When SRK got to know about it, he went to meet the fan and believe it or not, the girl actually walked a few steps which made SRK emotional.

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