First things first, you don’t need to be a woman to celebrate Women’s day. And, let’s take out time from our busy schedules and show some respect and gratitude towards women, because, as we all know, they deserve it like none other. 

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, huge sentiments will be expressed about the sheer power of women and many poems, songs, stories related to women empowerment will be directed towards women. It’s really awesome on the part of the society which has dedicated an entire day for women wherein we acknowledge their contribution towards our lives. We all go gaga over praising the various achievements of women in various fields. But the real question is, what about the other days of the year? I dare to ask, why is that after so much awareness and acknowledgment of woman’s contribution towards life, society, family and work; saluting her strength, resilience, sacrifice, women are still considered the only second to men and treated like second rate citizen?

Well, do we men really think that women are any lesser than us in terms of skills, intelligence, achievements? Fellas, its time we need to open our eyes and see the real world! Women are not only equal but many have already gone way ahead of men and have achieved so many amazing things in the due course of time.

So, the real question is, do women really need men to complete them? I agree to disagree on this. Women are wonderful in everything that they do and many times I have wondered how do they do what they do! And, if you want to notice the real strength of women, just think of any Indian wedding wherein the groom goes to the marriage location accompanied by his family and friends but after the wedding is over, the bride comes to groom’s place all alone! She dares to leave behind her family, her old life and all she expects from the groom and his family is a little bit of understanding, care, and love. But we men, knowingly or unknowingly take the women in our lives for granted! And, that’s the worst thing that any women want. 

Truth to be told, we men are physically strong but emotionally we still haven’t evolved completely ( Maybe when God was distributing emotions, we men were busy watching cricket, Football or we were simply busy fighting with each other for no good reason) and for that emotional stability, we need women more than women need us! ( Many men may not agree to this and I don’t give a shit!) So, let’s respect women for who they are and who they can be rather than what they are and what they can offer to our table before it’s too late.

Herein I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the wonderful women in my life. Thanks for loving me so much ( when I was unlovable), caring for me ( maybe I needed it the most ), hating me so much ( It made me miss the feeling of being loved), cheating on me ( maybe I deserved it) and most of all, thanks for being there in my life because without the presence of such amazing women, life wouldn’t have been as exciting and colorful as it has been today!

Thank God for making women!

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