5 Best Hollywood Romantic Movies You Must Watch Before You Die

Who doesn’t like a romantic movie? We all do because they evoke a kind of emotion that remains hidden in all of us, the emotion of love that we all crave in our lives. Hollywood over the years has produced many such idealistic romantic movies and here in this post, we have compiled a list of movies that will enable you to experience mystery, magic, and the heat of romance like never before.


The first movie on this list is Casablanca. It is a story of a world-weary ex-freedom fighter named Rick Blaine. Rick runs a nightclub in Casablanca in the early part of World War II. Due to pressure from the local authorities, Nick’s café became the place where refugees buy illicit letters of transit which allows them to escape to America. Nick’s true love leaves him when the Nazis invaded Paris. This movie has covered all the basis of a true romantic movie. Watch it to savor the romance.

The Fault in Our Stars

The next movie on this list is The Fault in Our Stars and you may end up crying after watching this epic movie. The plot of the movie revolves around two teenagers affected by cancer. Their strange affection and the connection they have seen sharing in this movie makes this movie a must-watch for movie lovers over the years.

The movie is based on John Green’s bestselling novel and it offers the first-person accounts of Hazel Grace Lancaster (Woodley), a bright 16-year-old who has cancer and she had to breathe from a tube attached to an oxygen tank she lugs around in the movie like a carry on bag, but she was far from helpless. She didn’t want to socialize but her parents and the doctor persuaded her otherwise and she ended up signing up for a local support group. Here she met Gus Waters, who has lost a leg due to the same disease and how her life changed thereafter makes up for the rest of the movie.

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

The next movie on the list is Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. The movie has got its title from a love poem by Alexander Pope. This movie is all about love, break ups, erasing up of all the memories, and falling in love again. Joel Bearish (played by Jim Carrey) met Clementine Krucznski (played by Kate Winslet) on a train while traveling together through wintry Long Island is the first thing that you will get to watch in this movie. They met as if they were meeting for the first time but in reality, they already have. There is the energy of attraction that draws them together because until very recently they were lovers before breaking up. They have opted to erase their memories of each other and how they rediscover the eternal love they have for each other makes up for the remaining of the movie.

The Notebook

The next movie on the list is The Notebook. This is a movie that you must watch by having a box of pop-corn by your side. This Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams starred tale of first love is bound to make you burst into tears. Allie and Noah met at a carnival and fell head over hills in love with each other and the wealthy parents of Allie didn’t approve of poor Noah and their love for each other that forced them apart. How they reunite as it happens in romantic movies make up for the remaining part of the movie. Watch this movie if you are a sucker for movies based on the notion of true love.

Gone with the Wind

The next movie on this elite list is Gone with the Winds. This movie is about a spoiled Southern girl’s love for a married man. The producer of the movie managed to expand this concept and Margaret Mitchell’s best-selling novel into a nearly four-hour-long film on a budget of 3.7 million dollars which turned out to become one of the most loved films of all time. This movie grossed nearly 192 million dollars and you must watch this movie to find out why it is loved so much even after so many years of its making and why it is so successful.

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